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Support The Project

Thank you for considering supporting Legends of Ultima!

  • Supporting Legends of Ultima helps to maintain the project, and also helps to expand it as it continues to grow.
  • Legends of Ultima is a community server that is being created by a group of volunteers.
  • The project's servers are currently operating on two dedicated Windows machines.
  • Hosting is costly, but we've been fortunate enough to have been supported by many players' donations over the lifespan of the project.
  • By supporting the project, you will be helping us cover the cost of the server rentals as well as other maintenance fees.
  • As always, your pledge will only be used for the cost of maintaining and improving the project.
  • Please Note: In-game rewards are not offered by Legends of Ultima in exchange for donations.
Please consider making a recurring donation if you can, your contribution is appreciated.